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Varekort Dwight Yoakam -
Varenavn Dwight Yoakam -
Varenummer WB 477142
Acoustic guitar and voice
Dwight Yoakam

Audio CD (May 29, 2000)
Original Release Date: 2000
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Acoustic
Label: Warner Brothers 477142
Genre : Country

Over the course of his career, Dwight Yoakam has both relished and leveraged his "outsider" image. From his earliest days sharing stages with Los Angeles punk bands to his rejection of Nashville's hit machine, Yoakam's career has been smart, quirky, and hip, even as his music looked back to the glories of Buck Owens's Bakersfield sound. Through it all, of course, Yoakam's music has rarely faltered and his natural abilities are often stunning. On, a run through Yoakam's greatest hits featuring just acoustic guitar and voice, the only misstep is the cheesy title. Throughout these 25 songs (most of which you know by heart), Yoakam uses the intimacy of the unplugged format to offer new insights into his music. Here, the sad parts are sadder, the sly parts are more mischievous, and the dusty swagger seems even more charming. But it's Yoakam's raw talent and enthusiasm that steals this show. His guitar playing sparkles: from the intricate fills on "I'll Be Gone" to the straightahead stomp of "Nothing's Changed Here," Yoakam proves he knows his way around a six-stringer. And with only that guitar standing between his voice and your ears, these tunes go down easier than free beer. From the Elvislike vamping on "It Only Hurts When I Cry" to his barstool lament on "It Won't Hurt," Yoakam growls, begs, and croons with enough conviction to make this stripped-down collection absolutely essential.

01. Bury Me
02. 1,000 Miles
03. Little Sister
04. Please, Please Baby
05. It Won't Hurt
06. I'll Be Gone
07. Johnson's Love
08. Little Ways
09. This Drinkin' Will Kill Me
10. Nothing's Changed Here
11. Throughout All Time
12. Sad, Sad Music
13. It Only Hurts When I Cry
14. Buenas Noches From A Lonely -
- -. Room [She Wore Red Dresses]
15. The Distance Between You And Me
16. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
17. Two Doors Down
18. Readin', Rightin', Rt. 23
19. If There Was A Way
20. Fast As You
21. Home For Sale
22. A Long Way Home
23. Lonesome Roads
24. Things Change
25. Guitars, Cadillacs

Dwight Yoakam -

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