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Varekort Kameron Marlowe - Keepin' The Lights On
Varenavn Kameron Marlowe - Keepin' The Lights On
Varenummer SMNV 8882852

Keepin' The Lights On
Kameron Marlowe

Audio CD (Maj 31, 2024)
Original Release Date: 2024
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sme Nashville (IMPORT)
Genre : Country

2024 release. The 16-track collection features previously released singles "Quit You," "Strangers (with Ella Langley)" and "Tennessee Don't Mind." Writers contributing to Keepin' The Lights On include Kendell Marvel, Michael Hardy, Wyatt McCubbin, Trevor Rosen, Brad Tursi and Charles Kelley, among others."I feel like I discovered a lot about myself while making this record," shares Marlowe. "I got to reflect on a lot of life from when I was a kid to life today. This album explores everything from loss to love, depression to joy, and overcoming the voices in your head telling you you're not good enough. I found myself looking at life through a different lens throughout the process.

01. 911
02. Nothin' Slowin' Us Down
03. On My Way Out
04. Never Really Know
05. Tennessee Don't Mind
06. Leaning on You
07. I Can Run
08. High Hopes
09. One That I Don't Call
10. Lock Me Up
11. Will It Be There in the Morning
12. Quit You
13. Smaller
14. Strangers
15. Broke Down in a Truck
16. Keepin' the Lights on

Kameron Marlowe -  Keepin\' The Lights On

1stk. 159,95 DKK

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