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Varekort Rosanne Cash - The Wheel (Deluxe Edition, Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)
Varenavn Rosanne Cash - The Wheel (Deluxe Edition, Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)
Varenummer RBSP 012

The Wheel (2 CD)
(Deluxe Edition,
Anniversary Edition)
Rosanne Cash

Audio CD (December 12, 2023)
Original Release Date: 2023
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Rumblestrip Records
Genre : Country / Folk (IMPORT)

Rosanne Cash left Nashville in the early 90's. The first album she recorded in New York with John Leventhal, The Wheel, celebrates 30 years with an exclusive 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition that features a 2023 Remastered version of the original album and an additional 11 tracks from the 1993 Live from Austin City Limits and Live from The Columbia House Records Radio Hour sessions, making their digital debut. Rosanne says of the album, "It's satisfying and sweet to re-introduce The Wheel in this thirtieth anniversary year. I can't look back at that time and separate the music from Love. What was true then has become more true and more alive every day since. We listen to this record now, and wish we had mixed the vocal a little louder on this track, or had a different guitar sound on that track, but honestly, it's perfect for it's time and place. I have a friend who doesn't believe that artists evolve, but that there are only different stages and expressions. I'm not sure about that, but in either case, I'm so grateful for The Wheel. It turns out I can't orchestrate the movement of the stars. They do that all on their own."

01. The Wheel
- -. (2023 Remaster)
02. Seventh Avenue
- -. (2023 Remaster)
03. Change Partners
- -. (2023 Remaster)
04. Sleeping in Paris
- -. (2023 Remaster)
05. You Won't Let Me in
- -. (2023 Remaster)
06. From the Ashes
- -. (2023 Remaster)
07. The Truth About You
- -. (2023 Remaster)
08. Tears Falling Down
- -. (2023 Remaster)
09. Roses in the Fire
- -. (2023 Remaster)
10. Fire of the Newly Arrived
- -. (2023 Remaster)
11. If There's a God on My Side
- -. (2023 Remaster)

Live from Austin City Limits

01. The Wheel
02. . Seventh Avenue
03. I'll Change for You
04. Crescent City
05. . Sleeping in Paris

Live from the Columbia Records Radio Hour

06. Seventh Avenue
07. Roses in the Fire
08. The Truth About You
09. What We Really Want
10. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
11. The Wheel

Rosanne Cash - The Wheel (Deluxe Edition, Anniversary Edition)  (2 CD)

1stk. 219,95 DKK

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